Sunday, January 27, 2008

Spring Colors

This abaya is amazing. It has golden stones and multi colors of threading; golden, peach & lemon green. It’s closed abaya with buttons in front. It looks like a painting.
This abay needs to be ordered for stitching.

With Belt!

This Bahraini design is uniqe. It has belt in the west, as you can see the design is in the west and wrist.
It's something new and different.

Tuesday, January 22, 2008

To You!

Till now I've showed you readymade abayas and shailas from Oman, UAE and Bahrain.Only one that I've stitched. Today I will get new Bahraini abayas and I will try to upload photos as soon as possible.
On Wednesday I'm going to bring my new brand abayas (my own designs). can't wait to see it. I already have my own signature which is my daughter's name JANA but in arabic. Will meet you soon.

Golden and Black Shine

What is good in this shailah; is the waving in the design. It’s made of golden and black crystals.
This shailah costs 15 OMR (38.9612 USD)

Monday, January 21, 2008

Circles in Different Colors

The bright colors in these shailas give it a different look and design. The design is made of crystal in multiple colors.
Each shaila cost 15 OMR (38.9612 USD)

The Shine Of Black And White

This shailah is amazing. Just look at the shine of the crystals. The fabric is nice and soft. The crystals gave heaviness in this shaila.
It’s cost 15 OMR (38.9612) USD

White Crystal

This shaila has white crystals (as it's shown) on one side and silver work like sheet metal/ aluminum all round the scarf. The fabric is soft and nice.
It’s cost 15 OMR (38.9612 USD)

Be Blue!

This one is totally different, believe me. When you just wear it and you see the blue stones shine from far away; doesn’t that make you different?
This work is arie as I mentioned before, with blue shiny stones; fully closed with buttons infront. Shailah and abaya sold separate.
Abaya cost 36 OMR (93.5065 USD)

Shaila is From UAE. As it shows, it’s full of crystal in same color but different level. Shaila material is soft.
Shailah cost 15 OMR (38.9612 USD)

Bahraini Hand Work

The handwork in this Bahraini style abaya is different. It’s like jalabia design. Soon I’ll have my own catalogue for handwork designs. Anyway, it’s made of different colors of threads (normal & shinny) and large crystals. The design is in the chest and wrist.

It cost 40 OMR (103.934 USD)

Shinny threads

The works in this abaya called {arie} don’t ask me what it means because I have no idea. Maybe it’s the name for the tool or machine they use it for this kind of work. Anyway, this Bahraini style it’s just wonderful, the colors are bright with colorful crystal in center and round each circle. Design comes in wrist and chest and round the neck. Without shaila; customer need to order.


This is my own design. My customer was shocked, speechless and of course happy when she saw it. Lace with black stones in shailah and wrist. I’ll try to take photo for the whole abaya.

This abaya cost after stitching 40 OMR (103.934 USD)

Threads and Crystal

The mixture in this abaya gave it different beauty. A shinny thread with different sizes of crystal makes you look different. The holes in the design are mix between small crystals in different colors and threads; but in the center of the rose there is one large crystal. The design is in the chest in coaler way, wrist and shailah.
This abaya cost 35 OMR (90.9422 USD)

Sunday, January 20, 2008

What About RED?

Looking for something unusual and different? Then this is the one you are looking for. This abaya gives you different look; it’s open from front with red piping and pieces of lace on shailah, back of the abaya and one side of the sleeve. Also it has some pleats with different fabric and capable to see inside. The lace itself has some handwork which is pearls in red color (lulu).
This abaya
Costs 35 OMR (90.9445 USD)

Simple brings beauty

The most style I like in abayas is islami style. You can work in any design with this kind of style. That’s because it closed, doesn’t show your body.
This design is mix of light golden thread and golden stones. Simple and nice. It comes without shailah but customer can order to be stitchen.
This abaya costs 30 OMR ( 77.9504 USD)

Bahraini Unique

This new Bahraini design is fabulous. It has different works in wrist and shailah with shiny colors golden, blue and brown. This fantastic abaya cost 80 OMR (207.873 USD)

Saturday, January 19, 2008

Crystal Shine

In this shinny abaya I’ve used the best kind of crystal which you can see it shine from far away. Three sizes small, medium and large which gives the wrist and shaila the perfect look.
The sleeves are shaped.
For stitching, it’s up to the customer if she likes her abaya to be opened from front, islami design or to be closed.


This abaya was the first I sold. It's amazing with the golden handwork and large stones in the shaila (scarf), wrist and chest. This abaya is closed with buttons comes in front or on the shoulder.