Wednesday, July 28, 2010

New Shailas & Scarves

Back again with new items for my lovely clients and followers. Some of these photos are not clear, what to do my camera is freaky old not that good and the weather and lighting were not helping. First will show 

black shailahs:


This one has no crystals, it's simple one. It contain colorful threads and colorful fabrics made to look like flowers and some other accessories. Design two sides, the other side flowers look smaller.

Cost 06 OMR (15.5 USD)

This shailah more simple than the first one. Only levels of bluish made it look beautiful. Design two sides.

Cost 04 OMR (10.3 USD)


This type of scarves are worn either this way or this way.
I have two designs of them.



Both cost 05 OMR (12.9 USD)

Hope you like this collection and waiting for your comments. Have a nice day.

Tuesday, July 27, 2010

It's FREE-GIFTS time!!

We all Love free items..don't you agree?! Now to the great news Sound the trumpets please!!! I had new offer called Free-Gifts which able you to choose your gift from our list after purchasing an item with us. At the beginning I thought of adding each gift to an item but thought it won't be fair to others so here we go choose your lovely scarf and your gift at the same time. I'll be adding new items from time to time in our new new page.
Conditions apply, check our FREE-GIFTS page for more information.

Wednesday, July 21, 2010

New Summer Collection 02-10 is OUT

Dear followers and bloggers, thank you for being patient on me :). At last my new second summer collection is here. I know it took long time but you will forgive me after taking a look at the new trendy designs.
You are all most welcome to ask or suggest, being better designer is by listening to my lover clients and followers.
If any of you wanted to purchase a shailah which is already sold, I can stitch others by order and quantity, you can go to the page My Lovely Colors  and choose the combination you would like to have by giving me the code number of the color.
Enjoy it and can't wait to hear your comments

Summer Colors


This jumbo colors are one of my favorites. I love to combine between these two lemon green and baby pink. Even one of my posts lovely shows same combination. In this design crystals are in three levels; small, medium and large also added some of them round pink fez.

Cost 23 OMR 19 OMR (49.3 USD)

Monday, July 19, 2010

Wave Design


Crystals and embroideries are wavy in this amazing design. Same design as S-03 you can go here for details. The only thing that I added new style at the ending and of course with more embroideries and crystals.

Cost 31 OMR 25 OMR (64.9 USD)

Friday, July 16, 2010



This green color goes much more with silver. It's the same design in my #1 1st collection S-02, except this one I included green and silver crystals all around a silver fez.

Cost 23 OMR 18 OMR (46.7 USD)

Thursday, July 15, 2010

This time... Peach


Although in this shailah we used satin fabric which looks gorgeous in this peach color. We used rainbow crystals again in different sizes and satin which goes with the fabric color.

Cost 19 OMR 17 OMR (44.1 USD)

Orange & Brown

Brown and orange what a combination. Now I'll have to explain what work was going on in this shailah :)

Before I use the orange organza layer, we add a touch in the brown material it's golden embroideries and large pieces of golden crystals to give it a unique touch and brightness at the same time. Then we add some pearls and crystals on top of the organza layer.

Cost 22 OMR 19 OMR (49.3 USD)

Pinkish & Bluish


All what I can say about this shailah is amazing work . As you can see, different sizes of crystals in blue Foch color and the embroideries are handmade.

Cost 31.0 OMR 25.0 OMR (64.9 USD)

Beauty needs lots of work



I've used printed material in this one and I managed to merged between satin, crystals and add extra work in the large pieces of satin. The unique work is in one side because it's heavy and I want you to be pretty not exhausted from wearing it.

Cost 19.5 OMR 17 OMR (44.1 USD)

Summer means... Purple


This purple color goes with the green and yellow. It has multiple colors of crystals in different sizes; purple, green and yellow. The design is in both sides. Don't miss it, it's one of the kind :)

Cost 21 OMR 18 OMR (46.7 USD)