Saturday, April 30, 2011


This design made before check here, it was in pink color (crimson). The same, design is in two sides color of crystals are (dark indigo, dark magenta and heliotrope) all are in level of purple.

Friday, April 29, 2011


 This design is copy from design I made it before the different is in color of fabric and crystals- CLICK HERE!! Material is light pink and color of crystals are really delicious! I used different colors which goes with pink (LT amethyst, white, rose, rainbow and amethyst

Tuesday, April 26, 2011


The design made of dark turquoise lace and chartreuse color of  fabric. Used two colors of stones white and olivine but in the logo I used olivine and blue zircon. Here is other view:

Price: 22 OMR
                                            57.13 USD


The color of this scarf matching very well with black lace, I just got the idea of this design while I was shopping for fabrics..color is delicious and remind me of young pop star Avriel Lavigne, queen of pink and black :) 
In this design, we used white color of crystals in different sizes and large two pieces of crystals I mean BIG pieces

We spread crystals all over the lace and in the center of the large crystals where we tight up and stitch the lace then added crystals and chain of crystals as well it's like an explosion...isn't it?!

Price: 27 OMR
70.12 USD

Monday, April 25, 2011


One of my favorites, well most of the designs this time is FAVORITES!! to me. When I saw this material I couldn't resist the color. This color called Magenta by professionals :) we didn't use any embroideries in this scarf. We just used crystals in colors of white and fuschia and white color of pearls. The tiny flowers moves while you are moving your scarf as we stick the crystals in other material then stitched it from center with piece of pearl, brilliant haaa
This how it look from behind with logo.

Sunday, April 24, 2011


This cheeky scarf is similar to THIS design, only colors are different. From what you see: material is in dimgrey, crystals are rainbow, white, light pink and olive green. Embroideries are in dark olive and light pink.

I did this design in two colors here is the orangy:

Price 25.00 OMR
       64.09  USD

Saturday, April 23, 2011


This new design is one of my simple and perfect wearing for everyday time casual you can say :)
It contains of some flat beads and stones in colors of silver and dark grey. 

Price: 19.00 OMR



This design is similar to design code S-32 in Eid Designis/Order's post. I just added this time a knitwear which looks like a flower and added some pieces of crystals. The material is different printed with different printout design.
Click here for details.

Very Unique


Very unique type of work, this is first time I use full lines of beads in a design. This color was a challenge to me; we couldn't find more than 100 pieces of beads (the Japanese not Chinese one) in this color and in different sizes. Take another look:

If you take closer look at the scarf, you will find it contains of beads, stones, crystal lace and normal (cotton) lace and sari fabric (the shiny one in the middle) all of them in colors of (white crystals, sapphire beads and black lace). Beads and stones are all round the scarf and in the middle as well, very lovely and unique design 

Friday, April 15, 2011

'We Care' Exhibition- part 2

Most of you knows that 30th of March was the huge charity exhibition (for who was away click HERE).
As I promised I'm back with more excited details :-) Couldn't sleep at night, making sure everything is ready and even on bed my eyes were popping waiting for the big day. We arrived to the hall early morning, found my table and start arranging my scarves. Check it out:

 Honestly, I have no idea how to arrange my scarves so it can attract people but I think this was enough ;-)
Here is closeup look

This how it looked from far away...

We enjoyed this exhibition to the maximum, it was a good experience for me. I learned how to deal with different types of customers but what really made me understand the value of my scarves and how unique they are (it's not like I don't know!!) was the impression from the ladies, they keep going and coming back bringing back their friends or parents. Even her highness of National Association of Cancer Awareness (NACA) passed by me and she got amazed when she saw my stuff. I'm happy and proud; I have husband who always support me and friends who are always there when I fall to help me get up and be more stronger. Thank you all for believing in me, I guess I'm suppose to say that when I'm a real fashion designer and running my own company haha. Forgive me all for not adding other photos or works of Omani talented girls; I couldn't move from my area because my place was always crowded. I heared and peaky look they had amazing stuffs:  ( abbayas from gulf, homemade sweets, homemade lotions and amazing handwork handbags)   Enjoy your life to the maximum till I see you next time here is a look at what is going to be about:

Yes it's about new SUMMER collection..! Love ya