Saturday, October 30, 2010

New abaya design-part 1

In my recent posts I mentioned about making abaya for one of my sweetest customers :-) I never met her but there was hundreds of emails between us. Two days back I got email from her; she was replying at my last post International rates and this what she wrote: " Oh my god fatma ! I got my abaya today! Bitjanin,bitjanin,bitjanin! I love it ! And don't worry,it fits perfectly! Thank u so so much
habibti ! W shokran ala il hadia kaman,ghalabti halik !"  below is the translation by colors:
babe (woow love that word, don't you :-)
and thank you for the gifts, you didn't have to
I told you she's one sweet person :-) and I'm lucky to serve her and make her happy at once. At the same time I was impress with Oman Mail, it's just took 1 week to deliver the abaya not more or less and this was not the express line :-) thank you Oman Mail hope will always deal with you (thump up).
     For now let us check this cheeky abaya.                                                                                      S37
Let's take close up look 
It's a bahraini design abaya with new touches, which is lace under sleeves.. check out next image    
 This new touch was Tahani's idea (the customer) and to be honest I love it. She wanted to have the same design we made it before Bahraini Unique with more touches, so we added more beads than threads. After the abaya was ready I made last touch just to impress Tahani which is crystals on scarf.
A closer look at lace with crystals added, but it seems crystals doesn't show. Bad camera very bad :-)

Tahani, enjoy your abaya in Eid and hope you come back again ^_^

Wednesday, October 27, 2010

International rates

For long time now I was looking for shipping company who can deliver my abayas and scarves outbound. Here in Oman we can't sell anything online sadly :( but for import I went to several shipping companies over here there prices kills me; how I'm suppose to send abaya which worth 30 OMR/77.9 $ by the price 40 or 50 OMR/103 or 130 $ it's not fair to my customers.
One day I just stopped by our national post office (Oman Post) I spoke to their employees and they were friendly and helpful, they even gave me book about rates of postal services. I didn't know they have express delivery as well which takes four days to deliver. Recently I made abaya to one of my sweet customers and send it by Oman Post to the States; I can't wait to hear from my friend what she think about her abaya. My next post will be about her abaya so keep waiting for updates ;)

Saturday, October 23, 2010

Eid Designs/ Orders

I would like to share some of the designs were made for customers for Eid. Just to mention some of the designs were not my choices; some of our customers wanted something to go with the design or embroideries in their dresses and some wanted something very simple. Our ordered the way they decide. Of course those designs will have codes like any other design of scarves to give variety choices to you. The designs which I don't comment means details has been mentioned before, will try to link between them.

Link here for details

Click HERE for design details.


More details here


Click HERE for more details


This design is similar to THIS TIME PEACH but this one the lace is on one side and different color of course. The color of lace used here is very light gray, stones were pink foch and rainbow.
Cost 20 OMR (51.9 USD)
This is the same design WAVE DESIGN but I wanted to post the image again as this one is more clear. Still available.


This design contain embroideries in round circles in pink foch and blue turquoise. the crystals are in center of every circle with same color.
Cost 20 OMR (51.9 USD)


If you are looking for something very simple then this design suits you. As it shows I made those crystals only at corners; I was not satisfied so after that I made more crystals and forgot to take a photo :)
Cost 10 OMR (25.9 USD)


This red stole my heart!! if you ask me why; just look at the details, crystals in three colors: Turquoise, Red & Rainbow. The design only one side unless you ordered for two sides. I made it in purple as well
Cost 20 OMR (51.9 USD)


The metal work in this scarf was taking from my customers dress, she wanted the same design and color (golden) to be in her scarf and we made it. No crystals or embroideries were added.
Cost 12 OMR (33.7 USD)


This design was made before, check for details


Even this design was stitched before, it seems most of our customers like to have this design well I don't blame them :) check it out


This design was made as well check


This one of my favorite, do you know why; because I made those crystals by myself. In all my scarves I just draw the idea and a tailor stitch but this time it was different, I decided to do the job myself and the customer was happy with the scarf. As it shows, I did different sizes and shapes of flowers with different sizes colors of crystals (orange red, rainbow & olive).
11 OMR (28.5 USD)


This design was stitched before


Black shailah, one side has lace with black crystals on top of elastic to make it look puffy
Cost 4 OMR (10.3 USD)


  This design was mentioned before; added because this photo is more clear.
17 OMR (44.1 USD)


I'm really apologize as it shows this photo is not clear; I sold it before even capture a good photo but believe me this is woow full of crystals in different colors (blue foch, turquoise, light golden, lemon green and navy blue) in one straight line and one side as well. I will stitch it again in different colors. it might be little bit expensive but worth it, honestly.
Cost 32 OMR (83.1 USD)


This design was mention before is made of satin material (pink, turquoise and off white) with pearls in the middle and threads of the same colors I mentioned. The design is in two sides, here is the other side

Cost 06 OMR (15.5 USD)


Even this design was made before, check out here
Cost 16 OMR (41.5 USD)


This one is made of colorful levels of blue, it's made of mystic and normal threads. The design is made in two sides same size and style.
Cost 4 OMR (10.3 USD)

Those are all the designs from last Eid. It was delayed for long time but hope that won't happen again :) will be waiting for comments thanks for stopping by.