Thursday, September 23, 2010

On Spotlight/ Article

As I mentioned previously in my post about me being featured in The Week newspaper but couldn't add the PDF format. How come I didn't think to check their site!..silly me. Anyways, here I'm attaching image of the interview and the cover of the issue, to check the article HERE. I would really love to hear from you :)

Wednesday, September 22, 2010


I was waiting for a while now for my business identification card (at least that what I call them), yes I got my business card maybe a month ago but got lazy and busy to take their photo. It was long way till I got the last touch, thanks to the designer Ali Al Farie from Ummati fashion in facebook you can check his site. I know Ali it took long way till we (You, Mahfoodh & I) decide this last touch. Thank you for being patient with us, I love it.
There are two samples of card Arabic and English, the other side shows more details..(P.O.Box, site and others..) who ever interested in having this card just let me know; any way you will get one whenever you purchase shailah :)

Front side

Back side

Thursday, September 16, 2010

Eid Mubarak..lately

My dear followers, I would like to apologize for not wishing you happy Eid. It has been rough days before Eid and the day of Eid. Three days before Eid my eldest daughter Jana was not feeling well; she had Diarrhea. The day of Eid she started vomiting since morning. We had to admit her to hospital and stayed for 5 hours as she was on IVU, for more about our story visit my diary. But after that day she was like a pony :) and we enjoyed every second of Eid days Al Hamdulilah. Eid Mubarak lately and hope you and your family enjoyed Eid either in your back home or any place on earth.

On Spotlight - part 01

My big goal when I started my business is spread the word; how to be success women while you are at home, how to listen to the voice inside you, how to say YES to all your challenges..Just how????

I got that chance when I had an interview with one of our best readable newspapers in Oman The Week; I was in the issue #390 on Wednesday 25 August. The article was by Emma Williams, lovely person. You can check here. Ohhh no!! I couldn't download or add PDF file here will check with my husband and ask him for help :S

I was not that happy with the photo as it shows me fat (while I'm not), one more thing not mentioning my business name or where to find me :( when I asked Emma about that she said it's there policy not to mention the person's site, email or phone number but at least people started to know me from facebook as she mentioned that in the article. Thank you The Week specially Emma for giving me this sweet opportunity to SPREAD THE WORD ;) 
Note: check post part 02