Friday, June 11, 2010

Excited but not patient

Yes I can't wait till I see my last collection of shailah. Several nights I couldn't sleep when ever I got an idea, design or image in my mind, I run and draw it crazy haa :)

I was thinking quite a time now to share my excitement with my sweet followers, to make you ready for my next post, new collection of  summer No.02  yay.

This collection will be different from last time, it's more about chiffon materials printed and plain also using different colorful crystals, handmade embroideries, more pink color in different shades. I used as well organza material as a unique piece in one of my scarves.
Here are my materials;


I really don't know how to name colors of my materials but hope color lovers will help me, I'm in love with this site, it refresh my mind for new designs and colors... delicious :) Now will show you how I was getting these materials ready to take it to tailor; yeah I know everything looks messy but come on that how designers work (but of course with table & other equipment).


 This is one of my designs which I attached it with the materials.

One of my designs, yeah I did not say I'm professional in drawing BUT results talks more :) and of course I could not do all that job with out a help from my assistant Jana. She was serious and busy as well.

At last again I can't be patient to see my new collection, hope you are the same :)

Have a nice day


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