Thursday, September 23, 2010

On Spotlight/ Article

As I mentioned previously in my post about me being featured in The Week newspaper but couldn't add the PDF format. How come I didn't think to check their site!..silly me. Anyways, here I'm attaching image of the interview and the cover of the issue, to check the article HERE. I would really love to hear from you :)



That's great! How exciting! Thank you so much for stopping by my blog!

Fatma Al Rahbi

Esther thanks for stopping by I really appreciate it.

Its Dita!^^

Fatmaaaaa , how are you????
Oh I havent see you around at you must be busy with mountain orders I hope!^^
I read your tweet-I will like to see the Abaya you made. I am kinda busy also,am sewing a dress here now and stop for a while and type this hahaha and oh I like your new sewing machine!-mine looks almost like yours only different design. Have fun with it!
I hope all well with you and your family.^^
Take care


Fatma Al Rahbi

Hi lovely you...

If I will think of a holiday place I would love to visit you in Indonesia :D
I love being around in Blogforg, it's an addiction and I'm too busy with kids and orders as well :) thanks for asking
Ohh yes the abbaya I have multi of posts but all of them goes to DRAFTS :D kids erghhh
will post soon hope to see you around in BF
Thanks for asking and take care

Its Dita!^^

Hohoho you busy working mom! All the best for you Fatma^^
I checked your update, Really nice work!!!^-*
I like be at BF, FB or twitterland but like you, am busy with order hahah and oh I will loooove to have you in Bandung if one day you able to come for holiday!Just contact me when you do.^^
in the mean time you too take care, Big kiss and hugs from meeee!:)

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