Tuesday, March 29, 2011

'We Care' Exhibition-part 1

In this world everyone living with a dream; it doesn't matter if it's small or big because it means a lot to us. Everyone has his own check list and what a smile to put in your face when you check one or two of them. In those few weeks, i was getting ready for one of the things which was listed in my long-life list. This big day has come which is participating in one huge exhibition in Oman. 'We Care' Exhibition is a charity exhibition which all funds will be raised for one of the cancer associations; National Association of Cancer Awareness (NACA).
Our sponsors are press (media), telecommunication and radio channel.
 The best part till now is looking for new materials, I got mad what to go with, the colors made me blind :-) so I bought all new colors of fabrics that I never had the courage to use them before and new accessories as well. Well it means new designs as well isn't it ;-) 
I'M SO EXCITED!! can't wait to get back and post all new images from exhibition and yeah one more thing this time I will have my signature on all my scarves (hijab) yaaay

The exhibition will start this Wednesday 30th from 10 am to 10 pm, wish me luck! and please get back for new updates see ya!


Its Dita

I'll sure stay tune for the full report Fatma. I am happy one of your dream can actually come true!!! oh such a happy lady you must be now^-*
Such a wonderful event for charity and I am aware of cancer coz I got cancer runs in the family gen. YAY.
I wish I could participate!
And what color that you used to have not a courage to wear lol, dont tell its pink, I mean thats like my fav color lol and it makes you looks fresh and glowing so you betcha love it heheheh
And oh you should put that shared button so reader can share your update to their facebook or twitter ^-*
Anyway hope the exhibition goes well. All the support from Bandung for you!XOXOXOXOX^^

Fatma Al Rahbi

My lovely friend DITA!!!
It has been busy weeks and months :( since the exhibition and I was too excited to put myself to any exhibition which was complete disaster to!! other than that I'm surviving and getting more stronger I guess
Hope you have read my second part about 'We Care' Exhibition that you were waiting for. One more thing sorry for letting you wait this long about what we talked about, hope this week will be free and send you all the photos with explanations >_<
love ya

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