Saturday, October 30, 2010

New abaya design-part 1

In my recent posts I mentioned about making abaya for one of my sweetest customers :-) I never met her but there was hundreds of emails between us. Two days back I got email from her; she was replying at my last post International rates and this what she wrote: " Oh my god fatma ! I got my abaya today! Bitjanin,bitjanin,bitjanin! I love it ! And don't worry,it fits perfectly! Thank u so so much
habibti ! W shokran ala il hadia kaman,ghalabti halik !"  below is the translation by colors:
babe (woow love that word, don't you :-)
and thank you for the gifts, you didn't have to
I told you she's one sweet person :-) and I'm lucky to serve her and make her happy at once. At the same time I was impress with Oman Mail, it's just took 1 week to deliver the abaya not more or less and this was not the express line :-) thank you Oman Mail hope will always deal with you (thump up).
     For now let us check this cheeky abaya.                                                                                      S37
Let's take close up look 
It's a bahraini design abaya with new touches, which is lace under sleeves.. check out next image    
 This new touch was Tahani's idea (the customer) and to be honest I love it. She wanted to have the same design we made it before Bahraini Unique with more touches, so we added more beads than threads. After the abaya was ready I made last touch just to impress Tahani which is crystals on scarf.
A closer look at lace with crystals added, but it seems crystals doesn't show. Bad camera very bad :-)

Tahani, enjoy your abaya in Eid and hope you come back again ^_^


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