Sunday, November 28, 2010

Being away..not my choice

Yes being away not my choice. I'm a person who can spend hours surfing on the net, specially blogging I can do it everyday but it's not in my hand. Most of you knows I'm a wife and a mom of two girls who aged between 4 and 1. Which means less time for myself; yes I do waking up early but still not enough, I need to check emails for orders, I need to design, go checking for new materials and checking tailors as well. Kids needs attention and activities to keep them busy and the biggest activity is there mom!! I love being around them, see them laughing and crying. Jana is almost 4 years and she want to do activities all the time or (her phrase) :mom let us go to the mall I don't want to play just lets go around and check new dresses!! how sweet right!. Maybe shes willing to be designer like her mom ;) . Yara who just turn 1 year this week, shes always busy I mean each second she never sits or rest always in a mission. If shes quite that means shes into something. The good news, I'm spending unforgettable times with them and the bad news, I cant think while they are around. Here come my decision; I'm taking break for almost 3 months to clear my mind and have regularly activities for my kids, regularly routine then I'm back in the track. But that doesn't consider me giving up (will never happen) I just need to clear my mind because my schedule is full (drawing, designing and sewing). New designs will be mention in quick posts at mid of the night ;) I'm sad that I'm going to leave my passion for a while but my family needs me and I have to respond to that call. Hope you all understand what I'm going through. Love ya all.                                                          


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