Friday, November 5, 2010

My attempt in drawing

Recently I start a new hobby you can say, when I start with it I feel I'm flying to other world; that's why I prefer doing it in quite time, well when my kids are sleep or out with their dad. I start drawing and painting in scarves (shailah), it's something fashionable these days and I wanted to do something different than the usual designs. I used different tutorials which gave me the motive to start. I start doing my logo and here we go.. teraraaaa

 I mixed between pearl color and deep sky blue color and that was the result. Those are the colors and brush I've been using:

recently I bought new acrylic fabric colors with new brushes for different styles and thickness. I even got more excited after that and drew this rose:

You can see I've add some crystals in vermilion (level of orange) and limegreen (level of green) color.. I was so happy and excited to get those results, you can check those tutorials where I found them very useful and easy, the only problem it's in Arabic *errrgh* but maybe you can understand the steps from images. Sorry about that:

Will leave you now with big smile on my face (I'm coming with lovely painted designs in colored scarves). I will be very happy to hear your opinion so be generous :-) Have a nice day.


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